Second Post!

Today was full of surprises.  Both my personal domain and business domain got lost.  Surprise!!  Creating your own website with very little HTML and Directory knowlodge is defeinatley a journey.  Somehow, my personal website re-linked to an old website I used to have that's at least, 4 years out of date.  Because I can't view the directory, I can't modify the info. Fun times…  LOL…  My Stitiching Fantasy biz site I'm unable to find.  Hopefully with a little luck and clicking the right botton, It will make it's self known again.  One day at a time.

On a fun note, I took photos of myself holding different kinds of crafting tools and made them all mono-chomatic in Stitching Fantasy's color scheme.  Made the header of the website a bit more interesting.  It's coming along.  

As soon as I figure out how to add a "comments" section to this blog, you (if anyone), can post comments.

Thanks for reading and so much more to come!


Scott Obert

IMG 7593

My Favorite Take (it's ABBA styled :)…..all my ink pads!!  

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