My Very First Post

Welcome to my Stitiching Fantasy Craft Blog!  So much more to come.  If you enjoy creating things with you hands, this is place to be!!  Over the past 20 years I've been creating mixed media articles.  I've narrowed down my fun with Card Design/Paper Crafting for the past 8 years.  Also using the sewing machine to create easy and fun home dec, clothing & accesories.  I'm a tech geek, so when ever possible, if there is a cool gadget to make wonderful pieces of art, I'm on it!!  

Currently, I'm in the process of creating this blog myself, so it will be a bit before the fun stuff gets posted.  My ultimate vision is on my website.  (the link just decided to go off line…. coming back soon!)

Until then, I look forward to you stoping by again soon!


Scott Obert

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