Blessed Memorial Day!

I was hoping to make a "Thank You" card that was patriotic and appropriate for this amazing holiday.  But, alas….  in the midst of all of my Stampin' Up sets and single rubber/polymere stamps, I can't find just a simple sentiment.  Everything from "Thanks" to "Thanks Much" to extremely cursive "Thank You" and of course "Thnx".  I even have a Merci in there somewhere….lol.  Luckily there is always a craft store nearby that is always open that I might be able to obtain a simply stated "THANK YOU" in bold letters.  I have yet to try to make my own rubber stamp with the Silhouette cutter, maybe that would be good for a blog some other day.  When I do obtain that missing stamp in my collection, you will find a simply designed card on this blog commerating all who have served our country for our freedoms.  

With the amazing spirit and blessings we have been granted on this day, I would like to wish you all a happy Memorial Day!  Thank You for standing together, united.  




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